What Can You Get Out of Ebooks Exactly? E-Books 101


There are many apps available that enable you to streamline the e-book experience. For example, there's the Android Kindle App that lets you read your e-books on your Android device, thus turning it into your own Kindle eReader without buying such a device. This app allows you to read your books on both Androids and Kindles. Ebooks allow you to read a library's worth of books without going to the library. You practically have the Library of Alexandria stored in your one device through this setup. It's this combination of accessibility and storage that makes e-book reading more viable and entertaining to people than book reading, especially with the tech-savvy Millennial Generation. It's book reading for the new generation in light of tech advancements like the Internet and mobile devices, in other words.


Incomparable Convenience


·        The Kindle app can also sync your reading progress between devices through the Whisperinc tech, thus allowing you to record progress from one device to the next rather than backtrack constantly. Apps like Kindle also enable you to record your reading progress in one device or multiple ones so that you won't end up rereading the same passage or chapter over and over again because you keep forgetting where you're at.


·        On top of that, you can change font size, font style,page color to make it look more like paper, and other tweaks that are hallmarks of online text reading that has made newspapers and books all but obsolete or niche services akin to the horse and buggy or hand-crafted items. You can even publish your own e-book for sale by picking the right e-book publishing program and using it to streamline your road to self-publishing success.


·        An e-book publishing app allows you to pick the format of your e-book, provide ISBN numbers once published, create e-book coves, set up a payment system for your book, make use of an eReader like Kindle's eReader for the sake of testing, and e-book promotion. Anyone can publish their own book, but it takes a special kind of person to build an audience that would read what they've published.  Regardless, making your own book is a worthwhile endeavor or even hobby.